Our Products


Our indoor cultivation facility, Cannabis Nation Cultivation, harvests a variety of Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains. Our cultivation methods results in flavorful flowers, grown in craft batches from a single source.

Top 5 Cultivars:
Chocolate Thai | GMO | Junglato | Memory Loss | Super OG Kush

Vape cartridges

Enjoy the purest expression of our signature strains with our vape oil. Each strain is hand-selected for its flavor profile and freshly frozen after harvest to preserve the cannabinoids and natural terpenes before extraction


Our pre-rolls are filled with clean, quality cannabis providing an even burn, perfect for a last-minute trip that always offers a smooth ride.

Our 2 pre-roll multi-pack is the perfect pair to puff on at any time of day. Clean, conscientious, quality cannabis in each pre-roll

Concentrates & extracts

Our concentrates and extracts are made from potent, flavorful high-quality starting material. We offer dry sift, cured resin, live resin, and diamonds & sauce. Explore new highs in a multitude of ways when you dip into Cannabis Nation concentrates.