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Klean Pumps are different styles of isopropyl alcohol dispensers.  They are very simple products intended to make life less complicated when it comes to keeping your favorite quartz banger and tools of the trade nice and clean.

We developed these products out of our own need to keep things tidy around our own consumption/recreation area A.K.A. “coffee table” for most people like us.  I was sick of constantly having to unscrew, tilt and recap a bottle of 90% isopropyl alcohol.  It was a simple fix and extremely affordable – now here we are!

These pumps are easy to use.  Use small, gentle pumps for a small, dime-size pool to be dispensed for a quick cotton swab wipe-up of your banger, OR use firm, fast pumps with a paper towel or large cotton pad (to cover the strong spray) which will soak through the absorbent material and allow you to clean a sticky tool or countertop easily.

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